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The ASTS® Story

Gleason Research Associates, Inc. (GRA) is a veteran-owned small business providing specialized products and services to support the warfighter. GRA was founded in 1982 with the vision of conducting engineering and scientific analyses and evaluations related to missile and sensor systems. Over the years, GRA has successfully built on that strong foundation by expanding its areas of expertise from sensors, guidance, and control into special programs, modeling and simulation, training, inventory management, and program support.


In the early 1990s, GRA identified challenges in their manual system of tracking government property. They quickly found that attempting to keep track of Sub and Temporary Hand Receipts manually – and accurately – was nearly impossible. Using a paper and pencil to perform inventories also proved to be a time intensive process that resulted in a high number of errors. For these reasons, GRA looked to automate and reduce the time required to conduct inventories and increase accuracy of property transactions. As a result, GRA’s Government Inventory and Property Management Software, Auto Scan Tracking System (ASTS®) software was born.

About ASTS® Government Inventory and Property Management Software



- Web-based

- COTs, customizable

- Pull and Reconcile with Army PBUSE data

- Exploring options for pull/reconcile with


- Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)


- Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)



- Full and part time inventory and
property management support

- ASTS fielding and implementation

- Technical support and training

Barcode Scanning System


- Import data directly from ASTS web application
- Allows for corrections, additions, flag for turn In & barcode reprint
- Barcode, IUID & Serial No. search
- Full, Verify, and Quick Scan Inventory options
- Each scan displays barcode, serial, model, MFG, cost, YOM, NSN & property type
- Reads all standard & data matrix barcodes
- Can be uploaded remotely via internet
- Qwerty keypad

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