Features and Benefits

ASTS® Benefits

Improves Operations - Provides Efficiencies - Saves Time & Money

Increased Accountability


- Standardizes inventory and property accountability processes

- Establishes individual accountability (automated Sub Hand Receipts)

- Provides Management Controls

- FLIPL reduction

Reduced Labor Costs


- Automated processes reduces labor hours

- Database and electronic file storage reduces time spent searching/pulling data

Increased Transparency


- Composite view of all property

- Provides Command level asset visibility

- Quickly locate items

- Helps eliminate and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse

Reduced Equipment Costs


- Reduces lost/stolen equipment, duplicate equipment purchases

- Aids in forecasting new equipment purchases

- Reduces excessive warranty and maintenance costs

Key ASTS® Software Features

  • Active Directory authentication (CAC enabled)
  • Hosted in “cloud” or customer IT environment
  • Life cycle tracking of expendable, non-expendable & durable property from receipt to disposal
  • Multiple Hand Receipt, account access levels
  • Reconcile with GCSS-Army and PBUSE data
  • Tracks by unique barcode, UII, or IUID
  • Auto-generates standardized Government forms: DA 3161, DA 2062, DD 1149, DD 250
  • Automates Hand Receipt processes in step by step format
  • Automatic notifications for time sensitive events
  • Electronic file and image storage
  • Robust search engine
  • Archive capability
  • Tracks purchasing information (contract, credit card etc.)
  • Sub & Temp HRs
  • Inventory and location history log
  • Sensitive items tracking
  • End items & components tracking
  • Automated Document Register
  • Warranty/maintenance contract status
  • Calibration tracking
  • GFE tracking
  • Software tracking
  • Tool Room, Machine Shop, and bench stock inventory tracking
  • 10% inventory generation & inventory due date alerts
  • User defined & pre-set reports
  • PDF and export capability to MS Word & Excel

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