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What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Inventory Tracking Software

November 17, 2017

Although only 30% of the 600,000 warehouses located in the U.S. have a warehouse management system installed, this type of asset tracking and inventory tracking software is actually a necessity. If you are in the process of assessing your options for property inventory management software, you must remember that not all asset tracking systems are…

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Government Asset Management System: The Essentials

November 15, 2017

Did you know that around 7% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product is tied up in inventory, accounts receivable, and accounts payable? This shocking quantity of capital amounts to $1.1 trillion in cash! When you consider how much a typical warehouse management system can decrease errors — up to 70% — as well as the…

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Why Small Business Owners Should Use an Inventory Tracking Software

October 16, 2017

If you own a small business, it’s crucial for you to know how the various departments of your company are performing at all times. You need to be aware of what marketing strategies are working and which aren’t, how your employees are doing at selling and retaining customers, and how you are doing with your…

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FAQs: Understanding Government Furnished Property And Equipment

October 6, 2017

Although less than 30% of warehouses are considered to be efficient, that low percentage is not acceptable for government contracts. Government contractors are subject to strict regulations when it comes to managing and tracking government-owned property. For these contractors, using comprehensive inventory tracking software is vital. But before you begin using a government inventory system,…

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3 Things Your DCMA Auditor Will Look For In Your Business

September 26, 2017

If you are working with the Department of Defense and thus involved with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), you have to be careful of making any form of inventory tracking error. Government inventory management contracts, especially those for the Department of Defense, require a level of professionalism that most other private contracts don't. For…

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How Asset Tracking Software Can Improve Local Government Agency Operations

September 14, 2017

Local government agencies have countless tools, equipment, files, and employees to keep track of. The success of these organization depends on the ability to know where these assets are at all times. But if you’re trying to track them with an outdated government inventory system, you’re going to struggle. That’s why government software solutions like…

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3 Essential Audit Readiness Competencies

September 12, 2017

The number of warehouses in the U.S. is ever increasing as a demand for storage from both the public and the private sector rises. There has been a 6.8% increase in the number of storage facilities in the last five years, a number that is expected to continue to grow.   However, in order to…

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Police Department Budgets Are Finally Rising, But Is That a Good Thing?

August 17, 2017

In our last post, we discussed one of the biggest trends in the world of law enforcement: budgets are finally going up. According to a recent article by U.S. News and World Report, the “Freedom to Thrive: Reimagining Safety and Security in Our Communities” study found that city governments are finally giving larger and larger shares…

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3 Important Inventory Tools No Warehouse Should Be Without

August 7, 2017

While people often simply refer to inventory management tools as an umbrella term, there are actually a number of different types of these tools, each of which serves it own unique purpose. If you are in the process of revamping your inventory to be more compliant with government inventory regulations, then it is important that…

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For Police Department Finances, An Inventory System Could Help

August 3, 2017

Government budget increases can be both a blessing and a curse, as with higher budgets comes a higher level of scrutiny. And with police budgets finally on the rise again, it’s more important than ever for police departments to keep their fiscal affairs in order. More money means more access to equipment, vehicles, and personnel that can…

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