What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Inventory Tracking Software

asset trackingAlthough only 30% of the 600,000 warehouses located in the U.S. have a warehouse management system installed, this type of asset tracking and inventory tracking software is actually a necessity. If you are in the process of assessing your options for property inventory management software, you must remember that not all asset tracking systems are created equal. In addition, you’ll need to zero in on your own expectations and existing resources before making your decision. Below, we’ll explore the most important considerations when you decide on software for inventory and asset tracking.

Your “Must-Haves”
There are certain requirements that your asset tracking software can help your warehouse to meet; these features should be on your “must-have” list. These should address vital business tasks that directly impact your daily operations. Conversely, features that you would like to have but aren’t completely necessary from the onset should be put on your “wish list.” These “wish list” features may require a larger budget or more extensive resources that you may not currently have. Typically, it’s better to address those necessary items first. You can always add in those “wish list” items after you’ve put your system in place. If that’s your plan, make sure that your software company can accommodate additional requests later on.

Your Technical Experience
If your business leaders don’t consider themselves to be particularly tech-savvy or you have concerns about warehouse-wide implementation due to a lack of comfort with technology, make sure you express these concerns to your software vendor. While some vendors do offer some level of tech help, you won’t necessarily want to rely on that. You should opt for a system that is intuitive for users, even if they have limited technical experience. If warehouse staff have to spend too much time trying to figure out a system, this can take away from other aspects of your operation and can lead to errors in asset tracking. Since you want to use a system to make your operations easier and more accurate, you’ll want to use a system that allows you to easily implement this into the routine.

Your Support Requirements
People like to work with small, local businesses because this often gives them the chance to have a more personal connection with a given organization. If that support service is of great importance to you, you may want to choose a company that has a local presence (or at least, a local partner). This will allow you to get help in a timely manner. However, that may not be your biggest priority. Some would rather work with a company that has a reputable presence on an international scale, as this can speak to stability and experience. These larger companies may have more resources that will allow you to grow with them as your needs evolve. No matter what your preference might be, it’s important that you ask these kinds of questions when choosing a software vendor; in the end, it’s not only about how the system itself works but how the entire process is executed.

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