Certificates of Networthiness: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

property inventory management softwareIf a software company wants to work with the U.S. Army, Department of Defense, or any other federal organization, they must first obtain an official Certificate of Networthiness (CoN). This certificate, in addition to ensuring that any software meets high military standards, also serves as a strict security measure for the U.S. Army or other federal organization that a company is looking to work with.

It’s no secret that the U.S. Army takes security very seriously. That is, in large part, why government software solutions must pass through rigorous testing and analysis. But beyond the security measures that a CoN represents, it’s also a top priority for the Army to make sure that all of its technology and software are integrated seamlessly. So not only do software companies need to create extremely airtight security protocols, the software itself must be top-notch, as well.

In short, the U.S. Army has to make sure that any software proposals are completely airtight before even considering using them. So without a Certificate of Networthiness, there’s not even a deal to consider for a software company. This is the first step to obtaining that coveted contract, and it’s absolutely imperative for success.

In addition to proving that software is up to par, a CoN also stands as a testament to your organization’s standards, as well. For example, 67% of warehouses plan to use mobile devices to manage their inventory. If the inventory tracking software that they’re considering doesn’t meet certain standards, they will no longer work with the company that created it. The same basic principle applies for software companies looking to sell products to the U.S. Army. The CoN is simply a means of accurately measuring the quality of an organization before agreeing to work with them.

While your organization doesn’t have to take on the CoN requirements all alone, it’s important that it is adequately prepared for just how rigorous the process is. Companies without that CoN simply aren’t up to the standards that the U.S. Army and other federal organizations need them to be.

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